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The fragrance and aroma farms of the future with Swedish sustainability concept and distillation in Dalarna.

The fragrance and aroma farms of the future with Swedish sustainability concept and distillation in Dalarna.

Free digital event on Thursday 15 December at 19:00.

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Please note this event is in Swedish.

Part 1: Carthago Fragrance wants to revolutionize natural ingredients with visual traceability. Learn how Carthago Fragrance plans to transform the production and delivery of natural ingredients with visual traceability, transparency and sustainability that will revolutionize the industry.
How can you be part of the journey from soil to skin? We tell you how you can become a co-founder of Carthago Fragrance.

Part 2:
We will talk about a larger vision for Dalarna, as a centre for craft and sustainable industry.
Anders Åkerblad CEO of Skedvi Bread, Gunnar Sahlin founder of Sahlins Ostrich Farm & Anders Fahlén founder of Agronova will discuss their thoughts and experiences in agriculture, crafts and distillation.
One thing we all have in common. We want to put Dalarna and Sweden on the world map for sustainability and together with you we want to create the fragrance and aroma farms of the future.
Let's discuss the possibilities!

Hosts and Speakers:
Andrea Endres - Sveriges Holistiska Hudvårdsvecka
Idris Harki, Magnus Dandanell - Carthago Fragrance
Anders Åkerberg - Skedvi Bröd
Anders Fahlén - Agronova
Gunnar Sahlin - Sahlins struts
Jörgen Steen - Dala Science Park

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Gunnar Sahlin

Gunnar Sahlin is a crop agronomist with a keen interest in environmental and sustainability issues. Already in 1968 he studied environmental management for a year in Östersund. Together with his family, he runs ostrich breeding and processing on a farm in Borlänge.

During the family's aid work in Zambia and after visits to the USA, we fell in love with ostriches. In 1994 we bought the first ostrich eggs for hatching. Despite a steep learning curve, we have now managed to learn to think like an ostrich and have a complete ostrich farm. It includes the whole chain from feed production, breeding animals, hatchery, young birds, slaughterhouse, processing and restaurant.

  • The development of a completely new branch of agriculture has involved breeding, processing, market development and product development. The most obvious products include meat and pork products and ice cream.

  • To make the most of the unique ostrich oil, we have developed a range of skin care products. Gunnar's knowledge of chemistry and microbiology has been put to good use here. In the first instance, we developed the simplest forms of skin care products that do not contain water, i.e. hard soaps, oils, ointments and cerates.

  • In addition to making skincare products and other artisanal products, we also distill Gin.

Anders Åkerberg

Inspiration is often drawn from different parts of Sweden and the world. But Anders Åkerberg in Stora Skedvi has his heart in it. His roots are deeply rooted in the countryside, amidst fields and pastures. Creating the opportunity to work at home was a driving force in the beginning.

  • When the village's venerable bakery suddenly had to be moved, there was no other advice than to do it yourself. A new bakery was born thanks to Anders and his then colleague, the market grew and the restaurant that started as a pop-up a few years later became permanent.

  • And so it has continued. A dairy, a greenhouse, a summer café and a courtyard with a summertime crowd have been added. But in order not to stagnate, development is needed, and it continues. But already we are drifting towards calling Skedvi Bröd - Sweden's new food destination.

  • You can find us in Stora Skedvi, Skedvi bread

Idris Harki

Every summer holiday as a child I spent with my relatives in the Tunisian mountains as a mini farmer. The air was always filled with the scent of wild rosemary growing all around the village.
The knowledge of how to harness its fragrance and properties has been around for generations. In fact, the region has been distilling fragrance and aromatic substances since the 12th century.

  • With the help of analyses and developed technology in the distillation lab, our fragrances are both extremely close to the raw material and more efficiently produced.

  • With a passion for fragrance, decent working conditions and help to convert to organic farming, I know we will stand for the best quality in the aroma market.

  • My vision for the future and Carthago Fragrance is to also distill Swedish/Nordic plants and to make Dalarna/Sweden
    into a world centre for sustainably produced botanical raw materials, just as Silicon Valley is for the tech world or Grasse for perfumes.

Magnus Dandanell

Magnus is one of the founders of Sweden's first single malt whisky distillery Mackmyra Svensk Whisky and former CEO for over 20 years.

  • His love of distilleries in all forms and pure raw materials led him to join Idris on this exciting journey.

  • His goal is to bring artisanal sustainable distilling of local raw materials to the flavor and beauty industry just as it has become a movement in the spirits industry over the past two decades.

  • "It should be an experience for customers and consumers to participate in the development and production of the natural raw materials.".

Anders Fahlen

Anders Fahlén/Agronova has been active for more than 25 years in the production of essential oils, hydrolates, composite products, as well as the development and construction of distillation equipment for both commercial production and laboratory purposes.

The business also includes the production of essential oils and hydrolates from cultivated and wild species, which are harvested and distilled on our own property in Ångermanland.

The company, Agronova, is also involved in collaboration on distillation techniques, equipment and production of composite products, essential oils and hydrolates with international partners.