Idris Harki

Founder of Carthago Fragrance

Born and raised in Sweden but with a Tunisian heritage, herbs, essential oils, vegetable oils and hydrosols from his famillies home village in Tunisia was a natural part of his life. But the journey for the perfect fragrances started around 2015, when reliving memories from his childhood and the scent of rosemary that lays like a carpet around his homevillage in the Tunsian Atlas mountains.

Magnus Dandanell


Magnus is one of the founders of Swedens first whisky distillery and former CEO for over 20 years. His love for distillary in all forms and pure raw material made him join Idris in this exciting journey.

His aim is to do bring craft distilling to the beauty industry just like it has become a movement in the spirit industry the last two decades.

Samira Bouabana


Graphic designer and Cartago Fragrances Visual director.

Wajdi Saidi


Tunisian partner and coordinator of forest and agriculture projects

Marwa Elaber

Our own bioengineer and head of lab.