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Nea Of Sweden - Why Handmade and Natural Soaps

Nea Of Sweden - Why Handmade and Natural Soaps

Free digital event on Wednesday 7 December at 19:00.

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Please note this event is in Swedish.

Part 1
Carina & Gunnar Smith who are the founders of Nea of Sweden will share their journey from the early 1990's which then culminated in the creation of the company by
natural skin care products. Carina will also talk about how to make soaps and how to take care of your soap. You will also learn in what situations unscented wipes are more appropriate and why you should choose handmade soaps over industrial wipes

Part 2
Carthago to revolutionize natural ingredients with visual traceability Learn how Carthago Fragrance plans to transform the production and delivery of natural ingredients with visual traceability, transparency and traceability that will revolutionize the industry.

How can you be part of the journey from soil to skin? We tell you how you can become a co-founder of Carthago Fragrance.

Hosts and Speakers:
Carina Smith - Nea of Sweden
Idris Harki, Magnus Dandanell - Carthago Fragrance

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