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Essential oils for inner and outer well-being

Essential oils for inner and outer well-being

Free digital event on Monday 12 December at 19:00.

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Please note this event is in Swedish.

Part 1:
Katarina Åkesson has over 30 years of experience in the industry as a skin spa and aromatherapist. She is the founder of Me Anima which is an organic skin care line with multifunctional products and is made in Sweden. When she got in touch with aromatherapy, she realized what nature could offer and the power of essential oils.
On 12/12, Katarina will talk about aromatherapy in general but will also pay special attention to female phases of life that we don't usually talk about so much, such as menopause and menstrual problems.

Part 2:
Learn how Carthago Fragrance plans to change the production and of natural ingredients with visual traceability, transparency and sustainability that revolutionizes the industry.

Andrea Endres (Hostess) - Holistic Skin Care
Katarina Åkesson - ME ANIMA
Idris Harki, Magnus Dandanell - Carthago Fragrance

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