Welcome as Co-Founder of Carthago Fragrance!

This announcement is for those of you who want a unique opportunity to participate in and follow the development from raw material to finished product in an innovative, revolutionary, out-of-the-ordinary business project.

You now have the opportunity to be part of building a sustainable brand from the ground up. A brand that with passion, heart and knowledge wants to bring natural fragrances, aromas and essences to the world and the right values to the natural raw materials. Together with you, we want to push the industry in the right direction - with visual traceability from the earth to you.

Since last spring we have had several events where many of you have smelled the hydrosols that we have produced. It has been great to hear the response you have given us. Some comments have been that the scents had a different depth than what you were used to e.g. "Neroline smelled different, from green, sweet and then developed the classic neroli scent...", "Ros Damascena had a deeper rose scent and not the classic aunt/grandmother/mother scent that you are used to", "Lavender smelled like cinnamon and apples" and "Wild thyme reminds me of the scent of Finnish sauna". Whatever you associated the scents with, you had one thing in common. The scents were closer to the original plant scents, felt more natural and had a different depth.

This is exactly what we wanted to achieve! Today, many raw materials are produced in a way that robs us of the breadth of fragrances, but we want to be able to take advantage of them instead.

Many factors affect the final product such as soil characteristics, water availability, where on a mountain the plant comes from, harvest time and time of day of picking, distance to distillation, preparation before distillation, choice of distillation process etc.

These unique circumstances and working conditions we plan to document and communicate visually to the consumer.

Transparency and Traceability will be the watchwords of our business! Today, it is very difficult for individual companies to gain insight into the background of individual natural ingredients, as many times they have passed through 10 or more intermediaries before reaching the final wholesaler.

We strongly believe that our policy will help drive positive developments not only for Carthago Fragrance but potentially also be revolutionary for the entire natural products industry.

My vision is also for Sweden to become the next Grasse but for natural products, transparency and sustainability through companies forming networks that support each other. The dream is also that together we create future fragrance and aroma farms, just like there are vineyards in southern Europe.

So, join us and put Sweden on the world map for natural products!

Read more and see the conditions for the co-founder experience in our brand new information brochure.

Idris Harki


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Fantastiskt! Är så glad att få vara medgrundare. Tror så starkt på att transparens, omtanke, äkthet och hållbarhet är vägen framåt i skönhetsindustrin.

Andrea Endres

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