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Co-Founder with Shares Purchase

Co-Founder with Shares Purchase

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This offer is addressed to Co-Founders and Ambassadors of Carthago Fragrance AB who have shown an interest in participating in the company's Phase 2 seed funding and wish to become both Co-Founders and shareholders.

The price for a co-founder package is 7950 SEK, but in this offer the price has a discount of 4075 SEK deducted. The same amount 4075 SEK, should instead be used to subscribe for 25 B-shares by paying with an advice note sent separately to everyone who accepts and pays the offer.
As a co-founder, you'll help build a sustainable brand from the ground up. A brand that with passion, heart and knowledge wants to give fragrance to the world and the right values to the fragrance.

Together with you as a co-founder we steer the development in the right direction - from soil to skin we produce fragrance sustainably, organically and with fair working conditions for our growers.

More unique experience and education is available by:

  • Participating during the development of Carthago's products, such as web-based and physical testing of samples
  • Receiving samples of the first products when they are ready
  • Participating (including a guest) in events
  • Invitation to online events. There will be a welcome event with selected fragrance samples in March/April 2023
  • On-site training day once distillation is underway in Dalarna.
  • Invitation to harvest and distillation in Tunisia.
  • You will have priority at a separate share offering in February 2023. More information for those who register interest below.
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